Delivering the Care to Hair With the Goodness of Onions

Onions add to our flavours and health in many ways, making them an important part of our kitchen. They carry antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties, and can be helpful in keeping your blood sugar on track. Adding more to the list, they can be a miraculous solution for hair care. As hair issues affect everyone, we can’t leave the opportunity to learn how onions can benefit your hair. In this blog, let us do that. Shall we start?

Promoting Hair Growth

Onion has the capability of keeping hair lustrous and healthy. One of the reasons it can do so is because of its richness in dietary sulphur, which is important for hair growth. Adding onion oil can make it a source of extra sulphur for your hair. This can help you get thick and strong hair, which can result in hair growth while also reducing hair fall. 

Sulphur can also help produce collagen, supporting hair growth and producing healthy skin cells. Well, the list of benefits won’t stop here. Applying onion oil on the scalp and hair can boost the blood supply to hair follicles. This can eventually help you with your hair growth.

Preventing Greying of Hair

Hair turning grey is normal for everyone as a result of ageing. However, it can happen to some individuals ahead of time. Once turned grey, getting to the previous state can be difficult for hair. That makes it wise for you to prevent hair greying beforehand.

Onion is rich in sulphur, which can also help delay the premature greying of your hair. Wondering how that even happens? It prompts the production of glutathione, which can boost levels of catalase inside the hair follicles. Catalase helps counterbalance the hydrogen peroxide that hair follicles produce. As a result, hydrogen peroxide doesn’t destroy the cells that produce melanin. 

Maintaining the pH Balance of the Scalp

Do you know about the ideal pH level of the scalp? It is around 4.5-5.5. Onion has a pH balance of 5.5, which allows it to maintain and manage your scalp’s pH level. As a result, your hair and scalp are safeguarded from troubles like an itchy scalp or dandruff.

By the way, do you know onions can also protect the scalp from infections? And are you aware that scalp infections can result in hair loss and premature balding? Moreover, a scalp free of infection can lead to healthier and stronger hair follicles.  

Delivering Nourishment to Dry Hair 

You must have read several times that onions have antioxidant properties, but do you know how? That’s because of the richness in flavonoids, which act as anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. These are important as they improve blood flow, thus providing nourishment to the scalp. 

That is how your damaged and dry hair can get new life. The presence of different nutrients that you can find in onion juice can provide nourishment to dry and breakable hair. 

Giving Shine to the Hair

We all want our hair to be unbreakable, thick, and shiny. By now, you know how onions can help your hair in other ways. Let us learn about them as a secret for shiny hair. Onions work by encouraging the promotion of keratin because of the amount of sulphur in them. The keratin reduces the frizziness in hair, making it more manageable. 

With the compounds present, onions do a lot more than combat fungus and bacteria. All in all, your hair can get a healthy and shiny look.

What Else?

Well, it is time that we wrap up the blog, but before we do that, let us recall what we have learned by now. In this post, you have become familiar with how onions can help you get shiny, strong, and healthy hair. They have dietary sulphur, antioxidants, and antimicrobial properties. Due to them, onions can help you with hair growth, nourishment, and the pH balance of the scalp. You can also witness benefits like providing shine to the hair and preventing it from turning grey. 

Now when it comes to applying onion to your hair, there are different ways. But do you want to get into the mess of performing all the DIY methods? Or, you would like to take advantage of hair care products with onion extract. At Glamcare, we have a range of hair care products with the goodness of onion. We offer hair care for you with products like Glamcare Shampoo and Glamcare Conditioner. You can reach us and place your order now.

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