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Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest you avoid hot water and prefer warm water for your hair. That's because hot water can take away the natural oil from the depth of the hair shaft and cause irritation. 

You should ideally wash your hair once in a period of two to three days. Daily hair wash can remove the natural oil from them. 

You can learn about the ingredients of our products from their packaging.

Generally, it is advisable to scrub your skin twice or thrice a week with Glamcare Face Scrub. However, the durations may vary depending on certain factors like your skin type and how it responds to the product.

Fine lines exist more on the surface of the skin and are even close to it. Wrinkles, on the other hand, are more firm and deep.

With collagen and elasticity loss, your skin can appear saggy and wrinkled. If you want to reduce these effects, it is best advised to care for your skin.

Everyone is different, and so is their skin, which can affect the time it takes for you to see results. Moreover, other factors like how consistently you use Glamcare skin care products can also play a role.

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