How to Establish the Right Hair Care Routine to Prevent Balding?

Do the strands of your hair often leave a trail? The reason for hair fall can be the lack of necessary nutrients. Further, ignorance of the condition can encourage premature baldness. So, how does one stop the disaster before it becomes a reality? 

Before you delve into smart solutions, staying informed about various factors causing hair fall is essential. Some of the common causes of hair fall are given below: 


There are plenty of reasons that can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. However, one of the most common causes is hormonal fluctuation. In women, it may occur due to pregnancy, childbirth, thyroid, or menopause. At the same time, extreme levels of mental stress and anxiety can also cause major hormonal imbalances. 

Poor Mental Health

Facing difficulties in life can greatly influence hair fall conditions. Well, different life situations can take a toll on your mental peace. It can further increase stress and anxiety levels, which may result in hair fall.

Unhealthy Diet 

What we eat is what we become; you must have heard or read this line somewhere. In this context, the sentence suggests that what one consumes daily can affect their hair health. Given this, poor diet maintenance or consuming too much junk causes a lack of nutrition for hair growth. 

Genetic and medical issues can also be responsible for bad hair quality. In many cases, these reasons limit healthy hair growth. Therefore, it highlights the importance of good hair care. 

Types of Hair Loss and the Importance of Hair Care Routine 

Some of the most common types of hair loss are given below: 

Patchy Bald Spots 

It is the condition where people experience circular bald patches on top of their scalps. It can be itchy or painful in areas of the head prone to potential hair loss. 

Hair Thinning on Top of the Head

Hair thinning is one of the most common problems. It often occurs due to ageing in both men and women. The initial symptom of this hair fall type is a receding hairline. 

Poor Hair Strength

Sudden emotional or physical shock can strongly affect hair health. People who are experiencing any kind of physical or mental distress tend to have excessive hair fall. It is because high-level stress pushes hair follicles into a resting phase. 

Therefore, hair care is an essential hygiene maintenance that men and women should follow. It not only improves the hair quality but also deters the risk of early balding and premature greying of hair. Considering that, you can explore a list of tips to maintain healthy hair.  

Hair Care Solutions to Prevent Balding 

Hair care is the foundation to build all the essential nutrients and strengthen the strands. Therefore, some of the best steps to follow in a hair care routine are: 

Make Time for Hair Massage

The scalp requires good moisturisation to prevent dandruff and weak hair follicles. Therefore, a good hair massage session aids the damage by improving hair strength and vitality. The most efficient ingredients one should look for in hair oils are bhringraj, argan, black seed, and onion. This list of ingredients has many properties that enrich the hair from within and improves blood circulation. 

You can choose Glamcare’s Bhringraj, Argan, Onion, and Black Seed Oil to fulfil your massaging routine. 

Use Hair Masks 

Using a hair mask helps soothe the hair roots. It hydrates the strands and prevents dryness around the scalp. As a result, you get a lustrous hair volume with a visible improvement in hair health. It is better to make a good mask at home. Aloe Vera, onion, egg, and green tea masks are some of the best options. 

Use Glamcare Red Onion and Black Seed Oil Shampoo

Taking good care of your scalp hygiene eliminates dandruff and keeps it well hydrated. And that’s where you can use Glamcare Red Onion and Black Seed Oil Shampoo for hair cleansing. It has proven effective in regaining the shine in dull and frizzy hair by maintaining the natural oil of the hair. 

Use Glamcare Red Onion and Black Seed Oil Conditioner

If you wish to get a smooth and shiny hair texture, missing out on conditioner can be a big mistake. Conditioning with red onion and black seed oil replenishes your hair with rich antioxidants. It smoothes all the rough ends and marks a significant step in controlling frizzy hair. Complete your haircare session with a conditioner that gives adequate nourishment and hydration. 

The Science of Hair Care 

It is natural to experience temporary hair fall, but ignoring the symptoms for the longest time can further lead to baldness. That’s why you should choose a solid hair care routine today to have good hair health for a long time. Get your affordable and effective hair products from Glamcare and get the desired results effortlessly.

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