We believe that it is our responsibility to tell our customers about the ingredients we use in our products. After all, everyone deserves to know about what they are using when it comes to hair and skincare products. Considering that, we have chosen effective ingredients to deliver exceptional care. Our products are a blend of safe, responsible, pure, and natural ingredients. Check what makes Glamcare an ideal choice for you.

activated bamboo charcoal

Activated Bamboo Charcoal

You deserve clear, clean, and radiant skin, and activated bamboo charcoal can make that happen. It can provide deep skincare and help your skin get rid of dirt, impurities, and toxins. It has detoxification properties that can remove blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. Its richness in antioxidants is the secret of its effectiveness. 

Coffee Extract/ Caffeine

A cup of coffee is the secret of productivity for many, and it can be the reason for your skin’s glow. Well, that can be because of its antioxidant properties that preserve the skin against pollution. It can make your skin appear bright and smooth and boost circulation. What else would you need your beauty product to do for you?
coffee extract/ caffeine
shea butter

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a common ingredient of many skincare products, and its wide range of benefits is the reason. First of all, it offers hydrating qualities to the skin and helps it stay nourished and moisturised. Next, it has good anti-inflammatory properties, which can calm and soothe the swelling and redness on the face. Shea butter has many other ways to offer radiant skin. 

Olive Oil

Providing smooth and radiant skin is just one, but there is a wide range of benefits of using olive oil. It is a source of vitamin content your skin needs. Moreover, it can come with antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Olive oil keeps the skin hydrated and also eases its elasticity. If you want to get rid of skin blemishes, pimple marks, and scars, it can also help you there.

olive oil
veg squalane

Veg Squalane

Do you know sugarcane is the source of vegetable squalane? It is an ingredient of our skincare products and can save your skin from dehydration. It can also help regain flexibility and suppleness. At the same time, you can expect it to restrict the water loss occurring insensibly.

Avocado Oil

Who doesn’t love avocado on their toast? You can have a similar fondness for avocado oil when using it for skincare. It comes from the pulp of avocado pear and delivers an abundance of healthcare benefits. For your skin, it can fastly heal wounds and save it against any environmental damage. You cannot ignore the moisturising benefit for dry skin and its inflammatory properties.
avocado oil
jojoba oil

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is found in the southern US and northern Mexico and is the source of jojoba wax and jojoba oil. It can be beneficial for both hair and skin, along with which it can lower the signs of early ageing. It is rich in vitamins A and E, which can act as a shield for your skin. The other benefits are acne prevention and moisturisation to dry skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can lower UV damage to your skin. This fat-soluble vitamin comes with easy absorption benefits. It can protect your skin against damage caused by free radicals. When in moisturisers, it can soften your skin, save moisture loss, and protect your cells from any damage.
vitamin e
coconut oil

Coconut Oil

Will it be wrong to call coconut oil an elixir? We don’t think so, and that’s because of its excellent properties and versatile use in the kitchen, hair and skincare. Talking of how it can benefit your skin, coconut oil can help your skin with hydration and smoothness. It can lower fine lines, wrinkles, and temporary redness. Additionally, it has a great smell and can even provide relief from irritated skin.

Red Onion Extract/Onion / Onion Seed Extract/Red Onion Oil

Onions have numerous benefits, making them a secret for shiny and silky hair. The presence of antioxidants can avoid premature hair whitening. The antifungal and antibacterial properties can help your scalp fight dandruff and infections. Other benefits are prevention of hair loss and cure for itchy scalp.
red onion extract/onion / onion seed extract/red onion oil
black seed oil

Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil comes from the Nigella Sativa plant and saves the scalp and hair from different conditions. Well, that’s because of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. It can be a blessing to your hair locks and help your hair with hydration and growth. It is also helpful with scalp health and also with premature greying.

Bhringraj Oil

Bhringraj oil is the solution for many hair problems because of its abundant calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin E and vitamin D. It is known to boost blood circulation to roots and the scalp, which helps hair to grow. It is also the solution to many hair problems, such as hair fall, scalp infection, dandruff, and baldness.

bhringraj oil

Argan Oil

Argan oil has antioxidants and fatty acids in abundance, providing several benefits to the scalp and hair, including moisturising the hair shaft. If you are fond of experimenting with your hair, the fatty acids in argan oil can protect your hair from damage from styling and washing. At the same time, you cannot unsee the benefit of protecting your hair from the effect of UV rays.


Are you wondering what biotin does to your hair? It protects and promotes hair length, making beautiful hair locks a reality. It can help you keep your scalp and hair healthy while protecting the strength and thickness of your hair. It may also fight inflammation, giving a break to your hair fall.
vitamin b5

Vitamin B5

Regardless of your hair type, Vitamin B5 can provide care and protection against hair fall. Are you wondering how? It functions as a strong humectant, maintains the moisture level of hair and scalp, and hinders water loss. And that’s how it can make it easy for you to own smooth, soft, and manageable hair.


Niacinamide has circulation-boosting properties, making your hair strong and long. It can improve the texture and appearance of chemically and physically damaged hair. It helps regain suppleness and lessens flaking, improving the damaged and dry scalp skin. It can also allow you to get refreshed skin and scalp.
vitamin c

Vitamin C

Though ageing is not controllable, you can still get a hold of how your skin reacts to it. Well, that can happen with the properties of vitamin C. Talking of the benefits, it can protect your skin from sun damage and slow down ageing. It can also boost collagen and help your skin with swelling and redness from acne.
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